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Kailua Beaches Get Free Rescue Tubes

KAILUA (HawaiiNewsNow) -The Windward Oahu Sunrise Rotarians raised money to buy rescue tube set-ups hoping to reduce drowning deaths by providing life-saving equipment at beaches. 

Kane McEwen demonstrated how to use the rescue tube by simply removing two velcro straps and pulling the floating device off of a buried stake.

McEweb and other Rotary club members made their way along the Kailua shoreline installing the safety devices at locations they thought might be helpful to anyone who may need help. "Let's hope it never has to be used but if it does need to be, it's here," said McEwen.

They are hoping to follow the lead of the Rotary club on Kauai. The group there has installed over 200 of the devices. "They have five recorded full rescues with those, so much so that one man and his son were found at about a mile and a half floating with that out, outside when they finally got to him with the jet-skis and the lifeguards," McEwen said.

McEwen also said he hopes the community will take pride in the safety units. "Knowing that it's their family and friends who could possibly need it someday too," he continued.

The group did not seek approval from city or state officials for the implementation of the floatation units but say they have gotten the word out and have received positive feedback. "We had the fire department, life guards, some of our local congressmen have been in our meetings and heard about what we are doing and it sounds like we have the support of the whole community," he told Hawaii News Now.

The group says other counties are now embracing the rescue tube idea.

State officials said they would head out to Kailua on Monday to inspect the devices.

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