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Real Estate of Mind: Waterfront Homes

(HawaiiNewsNow) - On Oahu, there are three types of waterfront homes: Oceanfront, Sandy Beach and Marina. There is a limit to how much land can be developed and this especially holds true when considering waterfront properties. This helps to maintain the value of waterfront properties. Out of approximately 1040 Active listings on the market only 103 are Waterfront, Marina or Beach Front listings. Only 40 of these are under $2,000,000.

Beyond standard inspections which are always recommended, you will need a Shoreline Survey for an Oceanfront Property and for Marina Front a standard survey and staking will provide the necessary information. The survey process will identify sea walls and retaining walls in which case it might be a good idea to hire an engineer to evaluate structural integrity.

When considering waterfront property you have to consider the home will be subject to harsher conditions brought on by direct ocean/salt water exposure, however some of the newer building materials are doing a great job holding up against corrosion. An Ocean front home will be more likely to sustain deterioration than say a Marina front due to the lack of wave action and not being in proximity to beaches which bring with the corrosive sand when the wind picks up.

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