International Sushi Day

(HawaiiNewsNow) - We here on Sunrise LOVE sushi so of course we are celebrating International Sushi Day! Chefs Sven and Jay from Japengo came in and made some sushi in our kitchen! To celebrate this holiday, you can get a free 50/50 Roll from Japengo when you mention this interview!


50/50 Roll

5 ounce Sushi Rice

1 piece Nori

2 slice Salmon

2 slice Hamachi

3 slice Lemon thinly sliced

3 piece Avocado

3 piece Cucumber

1 ounce Crab/Mayo mix

¼ ounce Green onion cut

½ ounce Emperors Ponzu

Place sushi rice on nori sheet and flip over, then put crab, cucumber and avocado inside and complete the California roll. Alternate layers of salmon, lemon and Hamachi on top and then form roll and cut into 8 pieces. Top with emperors ponzu and sprinkle green onion to finish.

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