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Sheep and goat stuck on Makapu'u hillside no longer in danger

MAKAPU'U (HawaiiNewsNow) - The sheep and goat that had been stuck on a Makapu'u cliff were nowhere to be seen Sunday.  The Department of Land and Natural Resources believes the two animals made their way out of the area sometime between last night and Sunday morning.  It's also believed the two might have been someone's pets.

On Saturday, drivers were turning their eyes away from the scenic Makapu'u coastline to gaze at them stuck in a precarious position. Witnesses said for four days, the animals had been stuck in the mesh netting installed by Department of Transportation crews several years ago to prevent boulders from falling onto the highway.

According to state officials, the land the sheep and goat were on belongs to the Department of Hawaiian Homelands.  The Department of Land and Natural Resources said it sent a wildlife officer to examine the area on Saturday.

"It's kind of a bad situation for them, and their proximity to the road, it's a bad spot for that to happen, and a bad spot in any regard for the animals," said Texas visitor Matt Matthews.

"They haven't moved or gone anywhere, it looked like there was one that was going to fall over. There's a road with cars going back and forth," said witness Milton Akiona.

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