Cheyenne K. Pico

Cheyenne K. Pico


Hana High School

Volleyball, Paddling

Participating in leadership has made me realize that a leader has power through consensus to make changes for the good of all. I was student body treasurer and vice president of my freshman class; sophomore class president and student government member-at-large, and am now senior class president. Each year my skill as a negotiator and peacemaker grew through experience. I have guided my 20 classmates in raising more than $7,000 to pay for events. I have played sports, including volleyball and canoe during my first two years of high school. I can delegate, multi-task, and juggle school, work, and extra-curricular activities with good balance. I have kept a 3.9 GPA while working 14 hours a week as a maid, being class president, volunteering, watching over my younger sibling and cousins, dancing hula, and helping out at home. I plan to attend the University of Colorado Boulder in fall 2012 and study pre-medicine. After I get board-certified as a doctor, I plan to return to Hawaii to become Hana's first Hawaiian pediatrician. I also plan to minor in business administration, perhaps medical business administration, because I feel knowing business as well as medicine would be an asset in setting up my own practice.

The most instrumental person in my life has always been my mother. Being a single parent, she has been headstrong and supportive in everything. My mother taught and prepared me for life; I learned the importance of values – respect, responsibility, and righteousness – all of which I apply in my daily life. She taught me to be passionate about learning. She taught me that even in day-to-day tasks there are lessons to be learned about life. It is her endless love, support, and encouragement she gives me to set high goals for myself and to strive to reach my utmost potential.