Erin M. Carvalho

Erin M. Carvalho


Kamehameha Hawaii

Track & Field, Swimming, Cross Country

I ran cross-country since the summer of 2009. Since then I have participated in three state championship races, where my best finish has been 58th place.

I have been a captain for the past two years. The family-like atmosphere was truly one of a kind and helped me to grow as an athlete as well as a person.

I was also asked to represent the state of Hawaii at the National Southeast Cross Country Conference in Australia this coming summer. This fall I plan to further my education at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

I plan to major in either psychology or education and eventually become a teacher. I attribute my career choice to one teacher in particular, Mrs.Nahulu-Kirsch. She constantly encouraged me to challenge myself and meet problems head on. She supported me in all my endeavors both in and out of school. She has been so humble about all the help she has given me and shown me that teaching is more than just transferring knowledge; it is showing kindness and generosity to all students. It was only after I had met her that I learned to value what is truly important in life and knew that I wanted to affect others in the same way that her kindness affected me.