AAA: 57% of Hawaii residents planning summer vacation

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - More Hawaii residents than in 2011 are definitely planning at least one summer vacation this year, despite high gas prices, according to the AAA Hawaii Annual Summer Travel Survey.

  • 57 percent of polled local residents said they definitely plan at least one summer trip (a 7 percent increase from last year)
  • 33 percent will definitely not travel this summer
  • 10 percent are undecided
  • Last year: 50 percent had definite summer travel plans, 33 percent did not and 17 percent were undecided

Among those who are vacationing this summer, 60 percent said that high gas prices are affecting their travel plans very little or not at all.

"High gas prices obviously have more of an impact on consumers who are already dealing with other economic challenges, but we do see many travelers adjusting their budgets in some way," said Diane Peterson, AAA Hawaii general manager. "Travelers are more careful about how they spend their money and also expect a much greater value for their travel dollar."

The top summer destinations for Hawaii residents, according to the poll:

  1. Las Vegas (20 percent)
  2. The Big Island (17 percent)
  3. Los Angeles (15 percent)
  4. Oahu (14 percent)
  5. Maui (13 percent)
  6. Seattle (12 percent)
  7. San Francisco (11 percent)

The top ways that Hawaii travelers are adjusting for high gas prices in their travel budgets include:

  1. Picking a destination that allows a family/friends stay instead of a hotel (15 percent)
  2. Economizing on the vacation meal budget (13 percent)
  3. Not taking as many trips (12 percent)
  4. Destination closer to home (10 percent)
  5. Cutting back on other household expenses to afford vacation (10 percent)

The number of summer trips that Hawaii residents plan to take this year compared to last year:

One trip: 54 percent (59 percent last year)

Two: 34 percent (28 percent last year)

Three: 11 percent (12 percent last year)

Four: 1 percent (1 percent last year)

The top reasons that the 19 percent of non-travelers this summer are not taking a vacation:

  1. Too many other expenses/bills (46 percent)
  2. Taking a leisure trip at another time of year (39 percent)
  3. Rising prices for travel (28 percent)
  4. High gas prices (19 percent)
  5. Reduced household income (18 percent)

Survey details:

  • 376 AAA Hawaii members were surveyed online by the AAA Hawaii Marketing Research Department from May 17 to May 29, 2012.
  • Survey has a +/-5.0 percent margin of error
  • "Summer travel" was defined in the survey as a non-business trip in June, July or August of more than 50 miles one way from home and requiring at least one overnight stay.

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