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66-foot dock from Japan tsunami washes up in Oregon

NEWPORT, OREGON (HawaiiNewsNow) -

A massive piece of debris from Japan's earthquake and tsunami has floated all the way to an Oregon beach.

 A 66-foot-long, 7-foot high concrete and steel floating dock made landfall on Agate beach just outside Newport, Oregon.

The Japanese Consulate's office in Seattle and Portland has confirmed that it is indeed a Japanese manufactured dock.

The consulate also confirmed that the dock had been in use in an area hit especially hard by giant waves when the tsunami hit.

Shortly after landfall, it was tested for radiation and those results turned out negative.

Dozens of onlookers flocked to the beach to get a glimpse of the largest piece of debris to wash ashore since the tsunami.

A debris field more than 1-thousand miles wide and 2-thousand miles long was spotted on satellite making its way westward shortly after the devastating tsunami.

Scientists expect debris to continue washing up along the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii coastlines throughout the year.

Officials say they haven't decided how they're going to remove the dock but it's expected they'll float it to a different location.

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