Trail & mountain safety urged during Mountain Awareness Expo

Saturday is National Trails Day, but in Hawaii, it was also Mountain Safety Awareness Day.

State and city officials held free workshops at the Lyon Arboretum to educate people on how to prepare for a hike, and what to do if you run into trouble. The Honolulu Fire Department's Search and Rescue team gave hikers an inside look at their operations, and explained how certain problems can be avoided.

"Sometimes it's just an unfortunate event that causes them to hurt themselves, a slip, trip, or fall, and then there are other times where people are taking unnecessary risks and going to places that are not meant to be hiked on.  By doing that they're putting themselves in great, great risk, and attracting others that might think they can do it too," said Honolulu Fire Department Capt. Terry Seelig.

Event-goers also checked out vendors and signed up to go on hikes with local groups.

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