Healthier Fried Foods with Golden Fry Tech

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Locally based LTH Corporation has just launched their international patent pending product, Golden Fry Tech (GFT). Engineered and manufactured in Japan, GFT is a 100% titanium catalyst plate housed in a stainless steel jacket that has been laboratory tested to prolong the life of cooking oil by 150%. This newly designed oil saving plate, which roughly measures the size of an iPad, was originally invented to help the food industry save on the rising cost of cooking oil. It has also recently been tested by many international laboratories, including the reputable FQLabs based in Honolulu, Hawaii, to cut food oil absorption by up to 50% (and effectively reducing fat calories by 50%)--without altering the flavor and enhancing the texture of fried foods-resulting in healthier and tastier fried foods.

Used by simply placing the GFT plate into any standard fryer, many local restaurants and chefs including Side Street Inn, Lobster King, Makinochaya and Sushi Izakaya Shinn have already purchased GFT and are discovering the benefits in cost savings and enhanced flavor of their foods. "Since placing the Titanium plate in our deep-fryer, we have noticed a significant difference with our daily usage...about 40% reduced savings in oil...The oil doesn't break-down as fast as normal and it doesn't affect the 'taste factor' in our food products. It's a great product and is beneficial to our business!" says Colin Nishida, Chef and Owner of Side Street Inn.

The main technology behind GFT is that it reduces oxygen - one of the main known causes of oil degradation - from coming into contact with cooking oil. And, unlike filters which only remove debris from cooking oil, GFT also helps to breakdown and neutralize odors from chicken blood, seafood juices and food born contaminants. It also reduces acrylamide, a naturally occurring chemical compound in cooked foods that have been shown to cause cancer. The use of GFT also helps to condition cooking oil so that foods cook up to 34% faster and at lower temperatures, thereby reducing the cost of energy as well.

The annual cost savings for a restaurant that uses a standard 35-lbs. fryer could be upwards of $14,000. The financial benefit is tremendous but in these days of environmental consciousness, the impact that GFT may have in lessening the use of oil is drawing great attention as well. "In this current age of ecology, it is necessary to greatly reduce our excessive use of oil. Moreover, because of today's health consciousness, people are demanding quality in the fried foods they choose. Our Golden Fry Tech healthy ecological plate is drawing attention as a product that meets both of those needs. We have patented it internationally and is made with proprietary technology no one can imitate, so we expect it to make a strong impact on markets worldwide" states LTH Corporation President Koji Tomita.

Golden Fry Tech plates are available by direct purchase through LTH Corporation or through its Hawaii partner distributor, Koha Oriental Foods. For more information, click HERE or call LTH Corporation at (808) 848-7228 or Koha Oriental Foods at (808)845-4232.