Surfer thankful for second chance at life on Memorial Day

Moki Silva
Moki Silva

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Mililani man is among the thousands at the Lantern Floating Festival tonight.  After a difficult year and nearly losing his own life he is thankful no one is floating a lantern for him.

Right out where the waves are breaking between Kewalos and Ala Moana Beach Park, where the lanterns will be floating later tonight, is the spot where Moki Silva's life changed.

"I knew something was special about that boy," said Moki Silva.

Silva says his son Keo changed his life as soon as he was born 26 years ago.  Little did he know his son would save his life as well.  And perhaps coincidentally he and the heavens started crying at the same time when talking about it.

"I just wanted everybody to understand what he did for me you know. It's not about me. His name is Keokolo Silva and I love you bro," said Silva.

The father and son were stand up paddle surfing.  Keo snapped photos right before the sunset that day.  At that same time Silva didn't feel well.  He went to ride a wave in when he blacked out.

"If he didn't find me in the dark out there I'd be floating like one of those lanterns you know what I mean," said Silva.

Keo brought him back to shore and got him to paramedics.  Silva, who is 46 and previously healthy, had a heart attack.

"Everyday you're alive is a beautiful thing, you never know you go out there having fun next thing I know I'm in the ambulance going to Queen's," said Silva.

He now has a defibrillator in his chest but that's still not the reason he has a heavy heart on Memorial Day.

"See I lost my mom in June, then this happens to me in December and then my dad dies in March and I said man I want to come to the Lantern Festival. I want to pay respect to my mom and my dad," said Silva.

On a day when others are remembering their lost loved ones.  Silva is thankful he is not one of the dearly departed.

"I just feel very blessed that I got a second chance," said Silva. "Maybe I'm not done with my job here over here on Earth."

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