U.S. Senate candidate Mazie Hirono addresses supporters at party Convention

Mazie Hirono
Mazie Hirono

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - On Saturday, U.S. Senate candidate Ed Case took the stage and addressed delegates at this year's Democratic Convention. On Sunday, Mazie Hirono got to address the crowd.

"This is about beating the Republicans because they are out there with millions and millions of dollars, intent on taking over the U.S. Senate so that they can carry on with their agenda which is anti-family, anti-workers, anti-unions, anti-keiki, anti-Native Hawaiians. Linda Lingle gave us furlough Fridays on November 6, let's furlough Linda Lingle", said Hirono.

Lingle's campaign issued a statement ahead of the convention saying "Democrats would talk about anything but the important issues facing the people of Hawaii. They will instead take the stage and take inappropriate shots at Lingle".

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