Private school teacher resigns after allegations he had sex with male student

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – A Hawaii Baptist Academy teacher has resigned amid allegations he had consensual sex with a male teenaged student, sources said Friday.

The case has caused quite a stir at a private religious school with a strict code of student conduct.

HBA has 1,100 students from kindergarten to the 12th grade, with its middle and high school campus located just off the Pali Highway in Nuuanu.

HBA officials called police earlier this week after a male high school student told administrators he had a consensual sexual relationship with a male teacher, sources said.

The student is a member of HBA's senior class, and he's at least 17 years old, a source said.

Since the age of consent in Hawaii is 16, police would not be able to charge the teacher with a crime, as long as any sexual relationship was consensual, according to a police source.

The male teacher -- who had been at the school two years -- resigned from HBA after the student made the allegations, according to a source.

A spokeswoman for HBA released a one-sentence statement which said, "This is a student matter and we cannot comment on student matters."

HBA is a Christian college preparatory school whose motto is "Christ for every nation."

And it has a very strict student code of conduct.

HBA's student handbook explains several categories of conduct violations including those under the heading of purity: "involvement in sexually immoral activities such as premarital sex, homosexual behavior, 'sexting', inappropriate physical contact, indecent exposure, and pornography."

It's unclear if the student will face school discipline and it's not known how long the sexual relationship lasted, sources said.

A source said one sexual encounter between teacher and student happened at a camp in Waianae named Puu Kahea, where HBA students in grades 7 through 12 spend time each year.

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