Sunrise Workout: Balance & Stability

(HawaiiNewsNow) - One of the biggest fears with osteoporosis is falling. So we need to spend a lot of time developing balance and stability. The better you are at staying on your feet, the less chance there is you're going to fall.

The first step in this is developing a full range of motion. Most of us don't even realize how much mobility we're gradually losing in our joints. Here's a simple test. Stand up out of your chair. Now try to sit down without holding onto or anything or falling the last few inches into the chair. You could do Bench Squats to develop greater range of motion.

There are things that you want to avoid when working with a case of full blown osteoporosis. Look out for things that require a lot of forward bending, twisting around the spine and high impact. Any of these things carry too much risk for injury while you're still in a place of decreased bone density.

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