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Computer security program may have snapped thief's photo

A computer theft suspect A computer theft suspect
Todd Levin Todd Levin
Vuwer Vuwer
Shawn Boyd Shawn Boyd
KIHEI, MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Someone broke into Todd Levin's Kihei apartment while he slept Sunday. And Levin's laptop may have taken a picture of that person, thanks to a computer security program.

The picture was taken by Levin's MacBook Air, which was among the items taken in the break-in. Levin doesn't know who it is. "But I can tell from the background of the image that it is one of the apartments in my building in the Paradise Gardens apartment complex," he said.

Levin used a security program called VUWER, short for Vanderbilt University Web Enabled Recovery, a theft recovery software for Apple computers. Levin happens to be a computer technician who spent a little more for security.

Computer expert Shawn Boyd of iFix Pro said there are a lot of programs available to consumers. "The most common one I think most people know is LoJack," he said. "But LoJack can get on the little more expensive side. It's about 50 bucks a year. A lot of times people will buy a computer from Best Buy or somewhere, asking if you want to buy a copy of LoJack."

According to Boyd, there are also programs like VUWER and Prey Project. "Prey Project is open source and it's free," he said. "They do have some professional programs and their pricing is much better. And they're easy to use because it's a simple Web interface."

If your device is stolen, there are things the programs can do. "It can locate the device right away and you can get the cops on it," said Boyd. "It'll take a picture, and you can also do things, like remote wipe your data, lock it all the way down so no one can get access to it."

Thanks to one of those programs, we may have a great photo of the person who took Levin's laptop. "With a picture, police really have a good starting area, and I just spread it around to friends, Facebook friends, social media. And hopefully we'll get a name, get an address, and we'll track him down."

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