Hawaii Five-0 season 2 finale promises bigger ending than ever

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - We promise! No spoilers! But, tonight, in the Hawaii Five-0 season two finale, look for explosions, a hostage situation, a return of some bad guys, and - if it's even possible - a bigger cliffhanger ending than last year! Expect the unexpected.

Grace Park, who plays Kono Kalakaua, says "Initially, something happens right off the top of the show - which gets everyone's attention."

We know a mystery gunman takes aim – but at who? "Somebody gets shot," says Scott Caan who plays Danno Williams. "We can't tell you who that is. Two people, everybody gets shot." "A lot of people get shot!" adds Alex O'Loughlin. "We can't tell you anything else!" Caan chimes in.

The old Advertiser newspaper building - now Five-0 headquarters on the show - gets blasted. Behind the scenes, O'Loughlin – a/k/a Steve McGarrett – says, "Lots of safety people here today, for some reason. Not sure why. Lots of people wearing helmets and goggles and stuff. There's an ambulance over there - a real one!"

But explosions are just part of the finale. Writers wanted to top the season one cliffhanger. "We have this one moment at the end that's going to blow everyone away and have been people talking through the summer and make you want to see the first episode of season three," says Masi Oka - Max Bergman on the show.

One of the show's biggest storylines could be revealed. "There's a huge twist with Shelburne. There's also a couple of big twists with some of the main characters, too, but the Shelburne thing is going to blow everyone away!" says O'Loughlin.

And no one's left out of the action. "Every single one of the team is in some kind of danger or has some personal involvement in the case that's going on around them," says Daniel Dae Kim who plays Chin Ho Kelly.

It's one of the biggest episodes ever shot - with a promise to leave us on the edge of our seats until September. Can we wait that long?

Well, hana hou! If you missed any episodes, you've got the summer to catch up.

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