Hotel occupancy rises on Oahu

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Golden Week and the largest convention of the year sold more rooms in Honolulu hotels, and though hotel occupancy lagged on other islands by comparison, all islands were busier than last year.

Oahu hotels were 83.9 percent full for the 10 days to last Sunday, 11.6 percentage points better than the same week last years, with room rates up an average 13.2 percent, Hospitality Advisors LLC reported Friday.

Golden Week brought thousands of extra visitors from Japan, taking advantage of a week that has three separate Japanese national holidays, allowing workers to take a week's vacation without using much leave.

But in addition to that, more than 15,000 people flew to Honolulu for an annual meeting of the world's largest association of orthodontists. The meeting began Thursday and continued into this week, with follow-up meetings on other islands.

Occupancy was 71.5 percent on Maui, up 12.1 points from last year, with room rates up an average 7.2 percent to more than $231 a night. Room rates were also most over $200 a night on Kauai, which was 67.3 percent full, a 14-point improvement from last year.

The Big Island lagged, with occupancy falling four points from the week before to 51.5 percent. This was still 4.6 points better than last year, with average room rates up 9.3 percent.

Nationwide hotel occupancy was 63.2 percent, Smith Travel Research LLC reported, with room rates averaging 5.2 percent higher than last year. Occupancy was 73.9 percent in Los Angeles and 64.9 percent in Los Angeles, both down from the week before.

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