Free helmet handout in honor of fallen skater

Kameron Steinhoff
Kameron Steinhoff
Kathy Steinhoff
Kathy Steinhoff
Darren Vorderbruegge
Darren Vorderbruegge

PALAMA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Nearly a year has passed since a skateboarding accident killed a rising Hawaii Pacific University athlete. Kameron Steinhoff, 21, wasn't wearing a helmet. Now his family is on a mission to prevent future tragedies.

Dozens of students gathered for a giveaway on Wednesday afternoon. They lined up at the Palama gym for the free helmet handout in honor of Steinhoff. The HPU basketball standout died last May when he fell and hit his head while skateboarding.

"I wouldn't want them to get hurt the same way. I miss Kameron every day," said Kathy Steinhoff.

Kam's Helmet Project is being sponsored by HPU's athletics department, Queen's Medical Center and ThinkFirst Hawaii. They purchased 325 helmets to give away.

"Kids are signing up and getting a little education, and we're getting them fitted properly and really hope we're making a difference," said HPU athletics director Darren Vorderbruegge.

"It makes me feel good. It would make Kameron feel good. He loved kids. He loved sports," said Kathy Steinhoff, Kameron's mother.

Each helmet is decorated with a special sticker featuring Kameron's Hawaiian Superman tattoo design.

"He kind of had some Superman - an S - his name is Steinhoff and so we put those on so it's just another piece of Kam that we're putting out there," explained Vorderbruegge.

Relatives of Zachary Manago came to show their support. The HPU baseball player was killed by a hit-and-run driver during a bicycle ride.

Kameron's family pushed for a bill that would require helmets for skateboarders, but the measure failed to pass this session.

"Very disappointed in it, not just because my son, but I see so many accidents nowadays from different motorcycles, mopeds, bikes," said Kathy Steinhoff.

Organizers hope to keep Kameron's memory alive and protect other students by making this an annual giveaway.

Kam's Helmet Project also passed out about 60 helmets to HPU students at the downtown campus on Tuesday.

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