Emotional reaction to Junior Seau's death

Source: www.chargers.com
Source: www.chargers.com

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Junior Seau was reportedly set to arrive in Hawaii next week for a surf trip. Riding waves became one of his past-times. We got local reaction on that, while in Southern California, heartbreaking words from someone who knew him the most.

Luisa Seau wanted to say something in memory of her son, but how can a mama ever say goodbye? "I pray to God, please, take me! Take me. Leave my son. But it's too late. Too late," cries Junior's mother.

The elder Seau says she and her husband went to visit their son on Monday and Tuesday, but he wasn't home. Junior called her recently - in good spirits. "He never said something to me. Junior, why you never tell me you're going?" cries an emotional Luisa.

Seau's passion on the field carried over into the water. He and close friend, Donald Takayama - the legendary surfer and board designer - had reportedly planned a trip here to Hawaii next week.

"He loved surfing. He always liked getting better at it," says former pro surfer, Louie Ferreira. The football star sometimes kept a board down in Waikiki, and Ferreira would give Seau surf lessons.

"He'd come down, this big, muscular guy doing turns and trying to get barreled, and he's all, 'Louie, teach me how to get in the tube!' Ferreira remembers with a laugh. "One thing about Junior, he was a fast learner, very motivated and always happy."

Seau may not have been from Hawaii, but whether it was picking up a board or an ukulele, he led the "local kine" lifestyle, and the beachboys down in Waikiki say they'll miss him out in the surf, for sure.

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