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Fuel for Thought: May 1, 2012

(HawaiiNewsNow) - High gas prices are on the minds of many and that's why we started a new segment on Sunrise called "Fuel for Thought." You can't change gas prices, but there are ways to ease the pain at the pump.

A car consumes most gas as it accelerates. It is a simple law of physics- force equals mass times acceleration. A moving car doesn't require much gasoline to keep moving. In real life this means, in order to improve your mileage you need to keep the ride smooth. This can be tough in Honolulu's stop and go traffic. But if you pay attention to the cars ahead of you, you can anticipate when things will slow down and you can ease off the gas. This means you won't lose all that power to friction on the brakes and you can keep your speed without having to accelerate.

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