Hawaiian Airlines celebrates addition of new aircraft

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - With six of them already flying the skies, Hawaiian Airlines added a seventh Airbus A330 aircraft to its fleet on Monday.

Heiheionakeiki, as it will be known, is the Hawaiian name for the "Belt and Sword of Orion" constellation. All new A330 aircraft in Hawaiian's fleet are named for stars or constellations used by ancient Polynesians making their way across the Pacific in voyaging canoes.

According to the airline, the plane was flown nonstop from Airbus' factory in Toulouse, France to Los Angeles on Friday, where it made last minute preparations before making its first commercial flight to Honolulu on Monday. The plane will be used primarily for daily nonstop service between Sydney and Honolulu.

Hawaiian plans on adding 15 new A330 aircraft to its fleet between now and 2015, a move that will enable the airline to provide increased nonstop service to locations across the U.S. and east Asia, since the planes are more fuel-efficient and have a longer operating range.

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