California man sues BMW for persistent erection


By Chris Dyches, Web Content Producer - email


SAN FRANCISCO (WBTV) - A California man has filed a lawsuit against a motorcycle maker and a motorcycle seat maker after he claims he suffered injuries that hurt his sexual life.

Henry Wolf, 52, claims he suffered the injury during a four-hour motorcycle ride in May 2010, according to a lawsuit filed in California last week.

The lawsuit says Wolf was riding his 1993 BMW motorcycle, which was fitted with a Corbin-Pacific seat, when he suffered a severe case of priapism - a persistent lasting erection.

"My client has suffered a serious injury; a complete erection for a year and a half," lawyer Vernon Bradley from Sausalito, California told WBTV on Monday afternoon. "Now he suffers from impotency."

Bradley says Wolf got medical opinions from three different doctors, including an expert on priapism from the University of California-San Francisco.

According to the lawsuit, Wolf claims his injury was caused by the "ridge-like seat on his motorcycle" which he claims was "negligently designed, manufactured and/or installed by the defendants."

Wolf claims he's suffered from the long lasting erections for 20-months after the injury occurred.

"He is now unable to engage in sexual activity, which is causing him substantial emotional and mental anguish," the lawsuit claims.

Wolf is suing BMW North America, the maker of the motorcycle, and Corbin-Pacific Inc, the maker of the motorcycle seat. The lawsuit was filed on April 26 in San Francisco Superior Court in California, requesting a jury trial.

Bradley says Wolf suffered from chronic pain after his injury. Several weeks after his injury, Wolf underwent a procedure in hopes to draw blood away from his genitals in an effort to ease his erection, Bradley said.

Wolf's problem recently changed from non-stop erection to impotency, Bradley says, and he may have to undergo surgery to fix the problem.

Wolf is suing in excess of $25,000 for general negligence and liability.  He is seeking reimbursement for lost wages, hospital and medical expenses, and general damage.

Bradley expects that it could take at least two years before the case goes to trial, but says they are searching for other possible victims.

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