Police capture swimming suspect near Magic Island

Lt. Patrice Gionson
Lt. Patrice Gionson

ALA MOANA (HawaiiNewsNow) - A man is in police custody after authorities chased the swimming suspect for more than two hours near Magic Island. Investigators said the man tried to steal a boat around 6 o'clock Saturday night. The boat's owner was not on the vessel, but authorities informed him of the incident. Investigators said because the man was in the water, allegedly armed with a knife and a pipe, arresting him was not easy.

"He kept going back and forth and we just couldn't get to him because HFD (Honolulu Fire Department) was offering their surfboard, but you know because he had a knife, he had weapons, and for us to go into the water with no protection for ourselves, I wasn't willing to risk that," explained Lt. Patrice Gionson of the Honolulu Police Department.

The ordeal finally ended when police on another boat were able to pull the man out of the water. Police said he may be mentally ill. According to authorities, he had some cuts from falling down on the reef.

Police said the suspect faces several charges, including trespassing, criminal property damage, terroristic threatening and assault.

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