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April 14, 2004

Lucky You Live Hawaii

When you see the big, red know you're in Kalihi.

For nearly 60 years Tamashiro Market has occupied this space at North King and Palama Streets.

But it got its start on the Big Island.

Cyrus Tamashiro\Tamashiro Market: "It was mostly a pork and feed store, and that was in Hilo. In 1946, the April first tsunami came, wiped out the business and my grandfather thought, you know what I think this might happen again, so I'm going to move my family to Oahu."

Seven years after the move to Honolulu...Tamashiro's...added something new when Cyrus's father began selling fresh fish.

Cyrus: "He brought in first a few pieces of Opelu and then that sold, so he said I'm going to try some aku so he bought half an aku from a wholesaler. He sold the half aku. Then he bought a whole aku, then a whole can of aku, and then he started to bring in crabs, Kona crabs, and Samoan crabs"

And the business was changed forever.

Tamashiro's was transformed into primarily a seafood store.

Cyrus: "We probably carry about 50 to 75 different varieties throughout the year, depending on the season and that includes a lot of shellfish, live shellfish, lobsters, crabs prawns, live oysters, clams."

Those who lived in the neighborhood back in the 50's may remember the day they had to chase after a bunch of crabs.

Cyrus: "My father brought in some Samoan crab, he tied it up. He thought he had them secured really well. And then during the course of the day the neighbors came by and said Mr. Tamashiro your crabs are running away and sure enough down the street they were running away."

Customers come from all over Oahu for Tamashiro's fresh fish.

People also line up to buy some of their 30 varieties of fresh poke.

Tamashiro Market.

The home of the big, red crab.

Oahu's seafood store for 57 years.

And just one more reason you are so Lucky You Live Hawaii.

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