Honolulu to phase out drop-off recycling bins

HONOLULU (AP) - Honolulu plans to save $1.5 million a year by phasing out its white bin drop-off recycling program.

The city will urge residents to instead use the city's curbside pickup program to recycle newspapers and cans.

The city began collecting recyclable items in large white bins at Oahu public schools about 20 years ago.

But the program isn't cost-efficient now that the city is picking up recyclables at curbs and residents aren't using drop-off bins as much.

The city said Friday it will begin removing the bins on June 15.

Schools will still be able to recycle through a new program set up the contractor that picks up trash from most Oahu public schools.

The former contractor for the community recycling bins will also maintain the bins at some locations.

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