Hawaii Girl Singing to Stay Alive on 'The Voice'

Cheesa Laureta
Cheesa Laureta
Tenie & Joseph Laureta
Tenie & Joseph Laureta

EWA BEACH (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's a big night for an Ewa Beach girl trying to make it big in Hollywood!  Cheesa Laureta will be singing her heart out tonight on NBC's hit show "The Voice". It's elimination time and she needs your vote to stay in the competition!

The 21-year-old's voice has been described as deep, powerful and bigger than life! She's going after her dream and she wants it bad...so bad, in fact, it was her drive and passion that had her and her family packing up and moving from Hawaii back in 2006 to California so she could pursue a singing career.

"Of course we are very happy for her because all her life, she loved music," said Cheesa's mother Tenie Laureta.

Now, Chessa's taking the national stage and feeling the pressure of staying alive after she was saved from elimination by her mentor and coach Cee Lo Green.

"Someone like Cheesa, I know her story, I know her pain and I know the urgency of her winning, and I think those turned to be an advantage," said Green.

"My biggest challenge getting is in my head, I'm my biggest critic. Am I good enough to be here? Was that the right move?" said Cheesa Laureta.

After her performance tonight, she'll need America's vote and Cheesa's family is calling on you to help!

"Please people of Hawaii, I love you guys but please vote for Chessa!" exclaimed Tenie & Joseph Laureta.

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