Local Connection: Paterno Fired

By Rick Blangiardi

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - There may be lessons to be learned in the newest controversy over the career of Joe Paterno.

One of the greatest football coaches of all time ended his career by being fired from Penn State.

Decades of wins were eclipsed by an assistant coach allegedly having improper sexual contact with young boys.

Paterno heard a description of it by another staff member, passed the buck and let it drop. Years later, he acknowledged he could have done more. Now a poll says forty-three percent of Pennsylvanians want Beaver Stadium renamed for Paterno.

Forty percent don't.

Before the scandal broke, it would have been unanimous.

Now, it probably won't happen, because what Paterno did wrong was as important as what he did right.

But even if you disagree, there is a lesson here.

Beaver stadium was named for James Beaver, a governor of Pennsylvania and a Penn state trustee in the 1800's.

Once, Pennsylvanias were content to name the stadium for him. Now, they're actively discussing taking that away. As Joe Paterno could have told you, all honors can be fleeting.

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