Local Connection: Hawaii Children's Trust Fund

By Rick Blangiardi

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Hawaii Children's Trust Fund has partnered with the Joyful Heart Foundation to launch a statewide public awareness campaign called "One Strong Ohana".

The campaign promotes the idea that the prevention of child abuse and neglect is a community responsibility and that there are simple ways for individuals to make a difference in creating a safe and nurturing environment for Hawaii keiki.

· Did you know that nearly 40% of residents know a victim of child abuse?

· 80% of residents think child abuse is a major problem in our society.

· However, 64% of residents say it is difficult to identify the signs of abuse.

· 27% of residents expressed that they were reluctant to report suspected abuse or neglect because it was "none of their business."

With this campaign, Hawaii Children's Trust Fund and Joyful Heart Foundation have set out to educate the public that child abuse and neglect are preventable through a strength-based approach. From research results done here in Hawaii, it became clear that parents with a strong social network of emotionally supportive family, friends, and neighbors are less likely to abuse or neglect their children.

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