Assets sophomore overcomes dyslexia, heads to college early

Polly Lim
Polly Lim

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - She's definitely a dynamo. Every once in awhile, you meet a young person who's not only inspired by her teachers but inspires others, and Polly Lim is a 16 year old - with a five year plan.

"I know what I want, and I know how I want to time my life."

After a study program in Washington last year as a freshman, Polly decided she wanted to go to college ... now.

"I'd just come back from D.C. with all these people who are a lot like me with learning and just things like that. And then, I came back to school, and I was like, 'Gosh, I feel like I'm missing something!"

The Assets School sophomore was recently accepted into Bard College at Simon's Rock in Great Barrington, Massachusetts – a private school for gifted students coming out of 10th and 11th grade.

Polly's early path to college is even more astounding because she's dealt with dyslexia her whole life. "I thought it was so bizarre to think about how other people, how it's so easy for them and how they don't switch letters and they don't switch words, but it's who I am. And I can't say I wish I was another way because I've never known another way and so, I've just embraced it fully."

Her teachers at Assets were surprised to hear Polly's plan. "The first thought that went through my mind was, 'No, I want to teach you again next year!'" laughs English teacher Kerri Schweibert. She believes Polly can handle anything and anyone.

"The one thing that stands out the most is the strength of her character and personality. When Polly walks into a room, you know that she's there," explains Schweibert.

And you sometimes forget she's only a teen who, like many others her age, enjoys the beach and hanging with friends. "I'm not totally a 40 year old! I'm not totally grown up yet!" Polly says with a laugh. "I still like all those things. I like going to the mall and going to the movies."

There's plenty of room for that, too, in Polly's five year plan.