Man who abducted 4-year-old girl sentenced to 1 year in prison

Ian Coen
Ian Coen
The site of the abduction in Ewa Beach
The site of the abduction in Ewa Beach

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - An Ewa Beach man is headed to prison after he abducted a four-year-old girl from her backyard last year.

On Wednesday, Ian Coen was charged with unlawful imprisonment and sentenced to the maximum one-year prison term. Coen was also fined $1,000.

Police say back in April 2011, the girl and her five-year-old brother were playing in their backyard when Coen -- who lived nearby -- approached the backyard's chain linked fence.

Witness say Coen grabbed the little girl and took her to a nearby 7-Eleven store on Fort Weaver Road to buy her candy.

The girl's brother told their father what happened. The father then called on family and friends to help find his daughter.

Family and friends set out to find the girl who had been gone for about 20 minutes.

Coen was found with the child at the 7-Eleven store. Another man took returned the child back to her family, while Coen fled the scene.

Coen then went to Ewa Mart located down the street, where he was discovered and arrested.