Movie Review: 21 JUMP STREET

21 JUMP STREET  is a funny, sometimes hilarious comedy about two incompetent police officers in their twenties who go undercover as high school students. Their assignment is to infiltrate a drug ring.

The movie taps into a fantasy that many people share: the chance to do high school over again in a completely different way.

Jonah Hill (who also co-wrote the script) is Schmidt, and Channing Tatum is Jenko, two clueless police officers who are lucky to have jobs at all. Schmidt was a nerd in high school; Jenko was a popular jock.

Their movie is based on the 80's TV series that starred Johnny Depp, but unlike the original, this reincarnation is all about laughs. In fact, as the two bicycle riding cops chase bad guys through a city park, they remind me of the Keystone Cops, whose bungled chases were a hit back in silent film days.
These 21st century cops aren't even smart enough to read their captured druggie his Miranda rights and have to answer to their boss.

Captain: Do you even know the Miranda rights?
Jenko: It obviously starts with "You do have a right to remain an attorney."
Captain: Did you say, "You have the right to be an attorney?"
Schmidt pipes in: You do have the right to be an attorney if you want to.

So the duo is sent back to high school where they try to become friends with the kids who are dealing a drug called H.F.S.--I can't say what those initials stand for, but the drug makes kids act really nutty. And in spite of promising to remain drug free, the boys not only take the drug but give booze and pot to the kids they know are dealers.
There's a fair amount of raunchy humor in this silly film that can't be shown on broadcast television, but these bozo buddies never become mean or disgusting.

Don't get me wrong; 21 JUMP STREET isn't a comedy masterpiece. But if you just want some good laughs, there's nothing funnier out there right now.