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Burglary suspect also questioned about fatal fire case

Michael Dahilig Michael Dahilig
Ron Kawakami Ron Kawakami
Betty Hagihara Betty Hagihara
Dustin Long Dustin Long
Josette Madiro Josette Madiro

PEARL CITY (HawaiiNewsNow) - A burglary suspect has been arrested and Honolulu Police detectives are also questioning him about a deadly fire in Pearl City last week.

In exclusive video Michael Dahilig, 35, is seen being brought into jail.  He was arrested Tuesday night for two counts of burglary of a Pearl City house.  That house also had surveillance video.  The suspect tried to cover his face with his shirt but that actually revealed his tattoos, which are quite similar to the ones we see on Dahilig when he walks in to jail.  They also match his Facebook picture where we see his tattoos again.

Sources say witnesses spotted the man with the tattoos rummaging through the burned out house the very next day after the fire.

"People had reported they saw his pickup truck in the area but for the guy to burn the house down and come back the next day. The guy either be stupid or very brave one or the other but I don't think he's brave he probably just thought he'd never get caught," said Ron Kawakami, victim.

Kawakami's 97 year old mom Betty Hagihara died in the fire.

Kawakami suspects a burglar is to blame trying to get to his remote control planes and parts because his planes had been stolen before and he thinks the burglar came back to get more.  It so happens Dahilig is seen with remote control cars on Facebook page.

"He's taken all the good stuff. The car can use my batteries, my transmitters, things like that," said Kawakami.  "To steal from other people, it's bad enough to steal from them but to burn their house that's really going too far. They're not human to me anyway."

The fire did get neighbors on Hoomalolo Street talking with one another and they learned several of them have been burglarized before and are glad to hear of at least one arrest.

"We've been living in fear and it's been very stressful and emotionally taxing on all of us. It's hard to sleep at night time, we're always watching now always listening for every sound and if that is one of the guys he needs to go to jail for a long time," said Dustin Long, neighbor.

"The arrest they made last night, I'm praying it leads to other arrests because I don't believe its one person I think it's a whole bunch," said Josette Madiro, neighbor. "I'm just praying that pretty soon we can live in peace."

Neighbors have started a fund to help pay for expenses.  Kawakami thanks all the support but he says there are other people that need the help more than he does.


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