Pump Price hits Record, Peeping Tom Busted, Makaha Suspect's BAC

Hey everyone! Here what's coming up tonight on our 5 and 5:30 newscasts... 
Oh boy ... state gas prices hit an all-time high today. But how does it really affect us, other than at the pump? Tonight at 5, Teri Okita shows us how rising gas prices can impact all sorts of things we buy.

A man, police say, was using his cell phone to take pictures of woman and young girls using the bathroom has been arrested. Have you seen the man's mug shot on Hawaii News Now.com? His face looks been badly beaten. Lisa Kubota reports on why another man is now under investigation for assault in connection with this case. 
A new development tonight for the man accused in that deadly hit and run at a Makaha bus stop. Also tonight, we now know whether Potasi Uta was, in fact, intoxicated the night he allegedly ran over a family waiting at a bus stop.  
     These are just some of the stories -- plus Guy Hagi on when the trade winds will return -- when you join Stephanie Lum and me at 5 and 5:30. 
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Shawn Ching