Woman dying from cancer finds home for therapy dogs

Sharon Black with one of her dogs
Sharon Black with one of her dogs

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A dying woman's therapy dogs that are in need of a new home now have one.

Sharon Black's three dogs will be headed to a ranch on the Waimea side of the Big Island, friends said. The three certified therapy great danes used to live with Black in her Aiea townhouse, but friends say she's now under hospice care.

Friends and family are caring for the dogs while they make arrangements for them to be flown to the Big Island.  The dogs will be personally escorted on a plane that will fly at low altitude to the Big Island, friends said.

Black is fighting lung cancer that has spread to her bones, brain and liver.

Hundreds of people emailed and called offering a home for the dogs after Hawaii News Now featured her on-air plea for help last week.

Friends said the man who's come forward to care for the dogs on the Big Island has asked for anonymity for now, but has taken in rescued great dane dogs in the past.

Black is a former Honolulu police outreach worker.

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Woman dying from cancer hopes to find home for dogs

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