If you've already seen THE HUNGER GAMES, and you want to watch a new movie this weekend, I recommend two comedy-dramas: SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN and JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME.

Both offer strong performances by likable actors. But neither is without flaws.
In JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME Susan Sarandon plays the mother of two immature grown men who disappoint her in many ways.  Jason Segel is Jeff, the younger son who smokes pot all day and lives in her basement. Ed Helms is Pat, the older married brother who doesn't have a clue about how to be in a relationship.
Not only does pat get the Porsche against his wife's wishes (she wants them to save money to buy a house), but he wrecks it almost immediately.

Can there be any hope for these goofballs? Well, that's what the surprise ending shows us, and that ending is what makes JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME  worth seeing... in spite of all the quick in-and-out zooms and some pretty sloppy hand held camera work.

SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN stars Scottish actor Ewan McGregor as government scientist named Alfred and British actress Emily Blunt is Harriet, the top assistant to a super wealthy Arab who wants to move many thousands of salmon to the desert. He tells her the idea is simply ridiculous, but, of course, you know he'll be forced to try it anyway.
Their film is a formulaic but entertaining story that begins as a romantic comedy but ends more like a serious drama.
I much preferred the first half. I really don't understand why the screenplay writer decided to give this movie such a split personality.

Nevertheless, these terrific leading actors do well with both the light and the serious parts of the film. Their engaging performances alone make SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN worth seeing.