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Man Rescues Shark Tonight at 10

You'll definitely want to tune in at 10 for this new video just into our newsroom.  It shows a diver off Maui attempting to free a hook from a shark's mouth.  Talk about a delicate operation.  See how it ends, tonight at 10.

Also, there are new developments in the Pearl City fire that killed an elderly woman this morning.  Find out why the blaze is now a crime scene.

You may have heard about the ceded lands deal that gives OHA a large chuck of Kakaako land.  But there's some unfinished business regarding the kind of developments OHA will be allowed to build. 

And so much for his new girlfriend.  Malosi the tiger debuted at his new zoo in Washington today and wanted nothing to do with his potential mate.  See what he was really focused on, tonight at 10.

See you at 10,





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