Ohana Doggie Daycare is going to the dogs

KAKAAKO (HawaiiNewsNow) - Americans love their pets!

A national pet owners survey shows 62% U.S. households own an animal, and according to the American Pet Products Association, we spend more than $4 BILLION annually on pet services, like grooming, boarding, and doggie daycare.

At Ohana Doggie Daycare in Kakaako, it's true: every dog has its day -  and more than a dozen experienced staff members guide them.

"If dogs are in the wild, the pack will follow the pack leader," says Ohana Doggie Daycare owner Chris Barretto. "So, all of the staff has to be that pack leader. So, the dogs have to follow them and listen to them."

Barretto and his wife, Kim, took over the daycare two years ago. Since making big changes to the rules and staff, they've seen a 25% increase in profits. "Having a successful business is not an overnight thing. It takes hard work and dedication," says Barretto.

Daily attendance averages between 65 and 90 animals. Doggie daycare is a growing industry in the U.S. and Hawaii - where busy pet owners know Fido will be safe and sound while they're away. You'll need to get your dog evaluated prior to attending daycare or boarding. Ohana Doggie Daycare even provides real-time doggie cams to check-in on-line on their canine companions.

And you can pamper your pooch at Ohana's spa. Natalie Clodfelter has been grooming dogs for a decade. "I double bathe, condition, express the anal glands, clean the face, the ears, the paw pads, the toenails, plus a full haircut," explains Clodfelter.

She says staying calm keeps the canine calm. "Being able to take a dog that the parent says, 'Nobody can give him a haircut. He's so naughty' and then, being able to give that dog a haircut, is like an awesome feeling!"

The business also offers cage-free, overnight boarding, an outdoor playground, snack time, and nap time. It's one business where going to the dogs equals success.

And if you think that's spoiling your dog, we checked. There are also doggie dude ranches, canine country clubs, and luxury pet resorts across the country!

Check out the business at ohanadoggiedaycare.com.

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