Lawmakers question UH Manoa Chancellor's necessity

HONOLULU (AP) - The University of Hawaii-Manoa Chancellor's Office was approved in 2001 under a reorganization plan that wasn't supposed to increase UH's budget.

A decade later, the office's annual operating budget was $14.7 million and an additional $6.4 million in administrative costs have been incurred since it was established, according to a House resolution.

Representatives K. Mark Takai and Scott Nishimoto introduced the resolution, which asks the UH Board of Regents to look into putting Manoa back under the UH system president's purview. However, with no testimony to support it, the resolution was deferred.

Takai remains hopeful the regents will look into the issue anyway. It's an appropriate time, he says, because current Manoa Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw is leaving the post at the end of the academic year.

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