Graham Doesn't Mind Taking a Step Back

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - With three spring practices in the books, Warrior quarterbacks David Graves, Caymen Shutter and Ikaikia Woolsey have split most of the repetitions at QB so far.

But, without a doubt, there's one gun slinger who has received a lot of attention from spectators... without even taking a snap.

Standing at 6-5 and wearing a bright orange jersey... it's not hard to spot quarterback Taylor Graham.

The transfer from Ohio State stands nearly a half-foot taller than some of the other UH quarterbacks. However, Graham's height advantage will only benefit his view from the sidelines. Due to transfer rules, he'll have to sit out the 2012 season.

"That's how i'm going to look at it, as a blessing in disguise," Graham said. "It's an opportunity to learn the system without having to be put into the situations right away. To mentally take reps and get myself ready for next season."

Coming out of high school, Graham was rated as one of the best quarterbacks in the country. But following a coaching change at OSU, Graham sought out a familiar face in Norm Chow who recruited him while Chow was still the offensive coordinator at the University of Utah.

"You look at him," explains Graham, "and i think he's the best quarterbacks coach there is. You look at his resume, what he's done at USC, all the way back to BYU and superbowl winning quarterbacks. I hope to get there someday but i hope to play here (Hawaii) first.

Graham knows better than most what it'll take to live up to his, and others, expectations. His father Kent spent 11-years in the NFL and until this day, offers priceless advice.

"Having a dad that's been there and done that is a blessing for me. Coming home from practice i can say, "hey, i saw this, this and this," and he'll know exactly what i'm talking about. There's so many questions i can get answered immediately that other guys can't."

As much as Graham appreciates his beautiful new surroundings in Hawaii, he's come to realize he's a midwest boy at heart. But, it doesn't mean he's not trying to fit in with his Warrior teammates.

I asked whether or not he's picked up on Hawaii's pidgin language: "Pan? That means "finished" right? i think so. "

"Pau?," I respond.

"Pau! Pau! (laughs) Ok, i'm getting there see. I got the first two of the three (letters in the word), so i'm learning."

Graham will have plenty of time to get things right, after sitting out 2012, he'll have two years to play two seasons.