News You Can Use: Rolfing

By: Malika Dudley

HONOLULU, Oahu (HawaiiNewsNow) - Have you ever heard of rolfing? It's a way of manipulating the body to bring relief and balance. It can be painful, but some say it's worth the discomfort for the end result.

Rolfing, using gravity to open up the fascia and bring balance to the body. Dr. Barry Nutter explains, "The fascia wraps around your organs it connects one part of your skeleton to the other, so the fascia is the network that actually holds the body together. You work through a superficial fascia in the first three sessions and then the following sessions you work with the deeper connective tissues."

Rolfing consists of ten sessions working with the body to bring balance in a holistic way. "We live in a world of flexing, holding ourselves together rather than finding our balance in gravity and letting go into it. That's the real concept of rolfing," said Dr. Nutter.

It's recommended to balance people with habitual posture problems but also those that have endured injuries or accidents. Allan Brown was injured doing construction work and came to Doctor Nutter for relief. "You stand up straighter you sit up straighter you feel better you just everything about it just builds to the next phase. The end result is better health," said Allan.

Monika Bogler Henry was dependent on pain meds for headaches. "Lots of pressure was put on some areas and it was just like you could literally feel that my areas would just open up and there was a flow all of a sudden, where like you turned the electricity on and all of a sudden wow," she said. Monika no longer needs the meds. Her mother was due for knee surgery in Hawaii. "She stayed 5 weeks and she ended up with 11 rolFing sessions and she left here a changed person. She could walk, she had no more crutches on and her knee was getting rehabilitated," said Monika. She never needed the surgery.

Dr. Nutter has worked with infants and those up to 96 year olds. "Everyone can benefit from rolfing I even work on my dog sometimes when I see him walking sideways. What we're doing is we're removing restrictions that are there in the body and gravity just takes over. It flows through that persons being and has that uplifting force," he said. Unfortunately rolfing is not covered by insurance but if you need it, it is available nationwide. Just make sure that your practitioner is certified.

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