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'Biggest Loser' comes to Hawaii

By Teri Okita – bio | email

PEARL HARBOR (HawaiiNewsNow) - With a quarter-million dollars at stake, even the tempting taste of a Hawaiian luau couldn't break the contestants!

Producers wanted to see if the final eight could go on vacation and still shed the fat. So, they flew them to Hawaii, and we went behind-the-scenes to find out which contestants were carrying their weight.

For weeks now, we've watched. Lots of pain … and thankfully, for them, no gain.

"To me, it's just not about giving into temptation," explains 22 year old Jeremy Britt. The Michigan banker started this journey at 389 pounds! So far, he's lost more than a hundred.

"It's undescribable what my body can do now, in terms of working out," says Britt. "The idea of doing a three hour work out before would have been impossible."

38 year old Kim Nielsen used to work out hard during her days as a professional wrestler, but injuries and pregnancy had her doing less and eating more. Her weight shot to 252 pounds. Her decision to join the show was emotional. "Especially the first time, taking your shirt off on the scale. It's embarrassing, and it's humiliating but, you know, you have to start somewhere," says Nielsen.

We were only allowed to shoot weigh-in and elimination night - with the U.S.S. Missouri and Pearl Harbor as the backdrop. But all week, the contestants used Hawaii's beauty and natural resources to motivate them - canoeing, swimming, and surfing with pro Bethany Hamilton.  None had been on a Hawaiian vacation before, and it was tempting.

Nielsen says, "I just want to get out to the beach and have fun in the water and lay out by the pool and do all the fun stuff in the sun and not really work out."

"It sounds cool that you get to work out and you get to sightsee at the same time. If we could just do the sightseeing, it'd be a lot cooler," laughs Britt.

Trainer Dolvett Quince made sure the contestants were working out, not laying out, and he's got advice for any Hawaii couch potatoes. "What better thing to do than run or walk on the beach? You have the ocean. You can swim. You can hike all the different mountains here. It's amazing. Take advantage of your environment! Quince says.

Jeremy and Kim never expected to be an inspiration, but they are. Their advice for others who are struggling: be brave and just take that first step towards being a Big Loser.

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