Meat Safety

(HawaiiNewsNow) - A former USDA scientist, Gerard Zirnstein, recently raised awareness on the conventional meat industry's use of "pink slime," a ground beef additive composed of beef trimmings sprayed with ammonia gas to kill bacteria. Many media outlets have covered the story, reporting that 70 percent of "supermarket ground beef" contains pink slime.

Whole Foods Market guarantees that it uses only all natural, fresh and frozen ground beef, ground in stores from whole muscle meat, several times daily to provide freshness. All of Whole Foods Market's ground beef - fresh and frozen - must meet strict Quality Standards, which means that none of its meat includes artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Additionally, the ground beef in its fresh meat cases can be traced back to the supplier. Whole Foods Market's 5-Step™ Animal Welfare Rating system allows shoppers to know where its beef came from, how the animal was raised, and by what means it came to each store. Natalie Aczon, Marketing Supervisor at Whole Foods Market came to our kitchen to demonstrate how to cook meat safely.

For more information about Whole Foods Market's Quality Standards, click HERE!

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