Warriors Pick Up Intensity

With the first of 15 spring practices in the books, the most notable difference for the Warrior football team Tuesday afternoon was the intensity. Coach Norm Chow and crew didn't waste a second, timing every drill, between every unit, players didn't have a moment to relax. It didn't matter if you were the kicker or the starting quarterback, at the end of the day, your jersey was drenched.

"It breeds giving it your all, Said quarterback David Graves. "One of the other sayings is empty your tank. Don't be in survivor mode. Don't just try to finish, finish with everything you have. In the end, have nothing left in your tank. So, at the end, we're going to keep this attitude and intensity and it's going to make us better."

The intensity didn't come as a shock. Players admitted it was a topic of conversation leading into their first organized practice session under their new head coach.

"There was a big level of excitement, said defensive lineman Paipai Falemalu. "Before practice I was talking to the players, we were all nervous and antsy, we all didn't know what to expect because of the new coaching staff, but as you can see, we're all beat up and pretty tired. So, we're going to try and get our rest for tomorrow."

The Warriors won't have long to rest.

Wednesday's practice begins bright and early at 7am, with another two and a half hour session scheduled for Thursday at 3:30pm.

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