FRIENDS WITH KIDS is a funny and touching comedy-drama that shows how having children transforms people's lives.
Writer-director Jennifer Westfeldt also stars in this entertaining film about a woman and her best male friend who decide to have a baby together... without romance let alone marriage.
The movie begins by showing six friends before any of them has kids. All of them are upset when a family with three toddlers sits next to them in a restaurant. Four years later two of the three couples have toddlers themselves and the result is often conflict and chaos in their households.
Only Julie played by Jennifer Westfeldt and Jason played by Adam Scott are single, over forty and childless. The two have been best friends since college and even though their relationship has never included romance, they decide to have a child together and split parenthood responsibilities 50-50.
so they do the deed at the right time and wind up with a little boy. Theirs is an unconventional arrangement to say the least, because not long after the child is born, they both begin dating and looking for romance with other people.  He dates a woman played by Megan Fox.  She gets involved with a divorced man played by Ed Burns.

FRIENDS WITH KIDS might sound like a dumb comedy, but the dialog is smart, and the characters far more realistic than you find in typical romantic comedies. As Julie, Jennifer Westfeldt is vulnerable and sweet and good natured enough to win over most audiences.

FRIENDS WITH KIDS is not a great film, but it's enjoyable entertainment for grownups.