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Helena Medena
Helena Medena

By: Malika Dudley

HONOLULU, Oahu (HawaiiNewsNow) - Ladies, listen up. If you're single and ready to mingle a local love guru has a "plan" for you. Malika sat down with Helena Medena for insight on a different approach to dating.

Has it been a while since you've had a date? Well maybe you need a plan. "The four man plan essence is you start dating... you open your mind to dating several men at the same time," said Helena. Intrigued yet? It's not quite as risque as it sounds but before we get to that, first, you need to figure out if you're even ready to get in that kitchen.

"Dating is just like cooking because readiness is your kitchen. Do you have high quality equipment that is really awesome and can last for a long time or do you have unused equipment? Is your kitchen occupied? Do you have seven roommates in your kitchen... do you have seven ex-boyfriends lingering around in your head?" Dating coach, Helena Medena,  says readiness is key. Add a pinch of energy and a dash of skill and you my friend are ready for dating.

So, what should you look for? "Not tall dark and handsome. Those don't always turn out to be the best husbands. But if you really want a husband, a man who is honest, loving and willing will be an awesome husband," she said. That's where Cindy Lu's "Four Man Plan" comes in. Step one is... "You admit honestly that I suck at love. Once you admit that you are open for some new things that you have never been open to before. If your stuff doesn't work, let's try the formula," said Helena.

It is formulaic. There are graphs, indices and rules. But the basic premise is to meet as many men as possible and give them a chance to prove their worth. You fill in your grid and in the end, hopefully you find Mr. Right.

"The worst case scenario on the four man plan, absolute worst case scenario you are going to have lots of fun and remain single but have fun. The best case scenario of the four man plan you have lots of fun you are dating amazing, quality, honest, loving and willing men and then you choose one," explained Helena.

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