Local farmers counting losses after storm

Dean Okimoto of Nalo Farms
Dean Okimoto of Nalo Farms

WAIMANALO (HawaiiNewsNow) - Several Oahu farmers will be taking a huge financial hit from the recent storm.

Dean Okimoto of Nalo Farms says the heavy rain wiped out about a month's worth of Nalo greens.

He says the water was waist high in some spots a couple days ago.

According to Okimoto, local farmers generally don't raise their prices after severe weather, so customers will likely just see less supply in stores and restaurants, but the businesses will suffer major losses.

"For Nalo Farms, I would say low side $50,000, higher side which is probably more true, probably about $80,000 we lost, will lose over the next month", said Okimoto.

Okimoto says it's still too muddy to get back into the fields.

He's hoping his workers will be able to start planting again by Monday.