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Tornado not only part of wacky Windward weather

Gerard Beckley Gerard Beckley
Roger McNicholl Roger McNicholl
Alexander Tatofi Alexander Tatofi
Meaghan Driscoll Meaghan Driscoll

KAILUA (HawaiiNewsNow) – The tornado that damaged homes in Lanikai Friday wasn't the only unusual weather event to hit Windward Oahu. People from Lanikai to Kaneohe awoke to the sights and sounds of hail hammering roof tops, persistent lightning, and torrential rain.

It began with an extraordinary light show before sun-up.

"I first woke up about 5:30 this morning … started seeing the lightning flashes going on and it was like a strobe light, just constant for about a half hour or so," said Kailua Resident Byron Riddle.

"It just kept strobe lighting. And then the thunder got louder. You could hear it rolling in.

And I think it might of hit something because our electricity went off for about a couple seconds then came back on," said Gerard Beckley of Kailua.

The hail arrived at about the same time the lightening hit.

"It just came down from the heavens and was big. It was at least the size of golf balls, and so it was pummeling all these cars in the neighborhood. And I took and I ran all the way down to the gas station - got under the shelter. It stopped and I came back and then it started again so I'd say a good 25 minutes," said Roger McNicholl of Kailua.

"Sounded like pop corn almost. It was just one or two at a time and then all of a sudden wooosh and it was just duh duh duh duh like a drum going off on the roof," Riddle added.

"It was coming from all different directions. So I open the front door. It was hitting my screen door and everything like that. Maybe the size of quarters," Beckley said.

The wind was strong enough to rip limbs from trees. One of those limbs fell into a drainage ditch in front of Kalaheo High School. The intersection there (Mokapu Blvd. and Kapaa Quarry Rd.) flooded knocking out the traffic light. A maintenance crew from the city used shovels and muscle to get the water moving.

"It's hard. Those drains stay plugged. Many roots, dirt, trash, even plywood," said city worker Alexander Tatofi as he shoveled mud and weeds from the ditch.

Around the corner flooding closed Kapaa Quarry Road.

Saturated soil and gusty wind combined to topple a fence fronting a home on Mokapu Boulevard.

"There's bricks all over the place. The fence is down. The "For Sale" sign is down. Just a complete mess," said Meaghan Driscoll, a visitor from New Bedford Massachusetts who is staying in the home with the downed fence.

This week has been tough on people who live here and a huge disappointment for people who are visiting.

"We thought it would be nice and sunny and we'd get a nice tan and it's been rainy every day. The weather back home is nicer right now," Driscoll said.

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