Kaneohe neighborhood hit by flash flood

Mike Phillips
Mike Phillips
Roger Sheekey
Roger Sheekey

KANEOHE (HawaiiNewsNow) - In addition to the tornado, hail and lightning all the overnight rain caused significant flooding damage in Kaneohe.  The people on Aina Moi Place say they went from being in awe of the hail to panic as the water started to barge into their homes.

Video and pictures show a huge waterfall going over a retaining wall then into yards and homes damaging carpets, floors and furniture.

"The water came over the wall from the street and started rolling through the yard and I had about 10 inches of water at the front door within literally just minutes," said Ken Panosh. "It just rolled through from front to back.  This was just intense."

Panosh just put his house up for sale and in addition to the cleanup costs he says the flood will also hurt his asking price of $1,275,000.

"This will obviously affect that significantly so its even a little more irritating at this point," said Panosh, who recently became unemployed.  "It's carpet, it's flooring, it's a little bit of furniture, it's the stuff near the floor, the picture albums, the computer and the things that are a little harder to replace.  It's a little frustrating because we've never had the water run over from the street like it did this time. We've been here 12 years and we've never had the floods come across over the property and down into the property because there are dedicated drainage channel that comes on the back side of the house here."

Down the road the Phillips family is also cleaning up water and mud from inside their home.

"The water came up about 13 inches on the sliders and you had kind of an aquarium effect. Then the entire downstairs of our house flooded," said Mike Phillips, flood victim.  "We've lived here for 13 years and never had this happen ever before."

Up the hill the manager at Yacht Club Knolls thinks the flooding problem was because the drainage canals from the H-3 freeway were clogged with soil and rocks.

"The easement gets trapped with debris and everything because DOT (Department of Transportation), I feel is not taking care of their end of the property," said Roger Sheekey, Yacht Club Knolls Manager.

Some of the townhouses on the property were damaged and their pretty pool is now dirty brown.

"DOT I keep calling them and they keep telling me they're in between contracts so we're not getting anything done. Then we have a problem like this," said Sheekey.

"I'm very concerned. I would love to have a professional company come in and clean this up but if it's going to happen again you're just throwing money down the drain," said Phillips.

Too bad the water didn't go down the drain instead.

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