Power outage added to list of weather problems on Oahu

Maria Watanabe
Maria Watanabe
Mike Laney
Mike Laney
Barry Heitman
Barry Heitman

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - There is a small hand full of houses in East Oahu that have been without power since Tuesday because of water damage to the underground cables.

The storm has caused a bit of confusion for Maria Watanabe because a few lights at her home work but nothing else does.

"It is just the living room that has lights, but everywhere else the fridge, the oven everything is off.  It's been three days so it's kind of frustrating," said Maria Watanabe, Hawaii Kai.

It's especially tough for her because she has a new business called Island Dog Deli where she cooks gourmet food for pets but no stove means no work. She checked all her breakers but still no power.

"Everything needs electricity and you can't use anything and I can't cook for my dogs too," said Watanabe.

Hawaiian Electric Company says there have been scattered outages in East Oahu with problems with the underground cables.  HECO does plan to upgrade the underground cable system out in Hawaii Kai that was damaged in the rain.  For now they're working on getting everyone's power back on.

"I'm also losing hope the power will come back but we'll see. I'm keeping my fingers crossed," said Watanabe.

Elsewhere on the island there was a 7,000 gallon sewage spill in Wahiawa.  Lake Wilson is closed and there is still a brown water advisory for Oahu.

"It's kind of messed up. Now nobody can fish no more and its probably one hazard cause people fish this side, you know what I mean, and only get this side over here, so I think it might mess up everybody's fishing," said Mike Laney, Wahiawa.

Wind was whipping around the island knocking some tree branches down.  Signs were knocked off their supports.  And the Pali Lookout wind was knocking people off balance.

"It's real strong, strong as I've ever seen the wind anywhere," said Barry Heitman, Tennessee.

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