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Dogs rescued from rain swollen Niu Valley Stream

Maile Turner Maile Turner
Aisha Holcomb Aisha Holcomb

NIU VALLEY (HawaiiNewsNow) – Lizzie and Kabuki, two East Oahu dogs, were safe and sound Monday afternoon and scheduled to be reunited with their family after spending hours stranded in rain swollen Niu Valley Stream.

"Our office manager came in about 9:30 a.m. and he saw the dogs were stuck in the canal and came in and told us about it," said Aisha Holcomb, who works at Orthosport at the Niu Valley Shopping Center which overlooks the canal.

"I came out and looked and clearly they are pets," added Maile Turner, who also works at Orthosport Hawaii.

"They have collars and one of them looks like she is pregnant or just had a litter. And they were just huddled on the little ledge out there and it was raining," Turner added.

No one knew how long the dogs been perched on the narrow ledge in the canal, just that they could not get out on their own.

"We were afraid they were going to drowned and we were worried because we couldn't get down there ourselves because it is so steep and we didn't know how deep the water was and it was raining pretty hard so the current was strong," Holcomb told Hawaii News Now.

Holcomb and Turner called the Hawaiian Humane Society. A co-worker called friends.

The Humane Society was busy with other weather related calls, so the friends got there first.

"I have a couple dogs and I don't want to see them end up in the ocean," said Charlie Moffat, one of the good samaritan friends who responded to the call for help.

At about 1 p.m. Moffat's brother climbed down onto the ledge of the canal and after a few minutes of coaxing he lifted the dogs to safety.

"I would just hope if my dogs got out somebody would do the same thing," Moffat said.

Neither of the dogs had tags with information about their names or where they belonged, so the good samaritans took them to the Humane Society. A quick scan revealed each dog had a micro-chip implant. Numbers from the micro-chips were matched with files at the Humane Society. The files revealed the dogs' names, Lizzie and Kabuki, and contact information for their owners. Humane Society employees contacted the owners who planned to pick up their dogs Monday evening.

"They look really good. The only obvious injuries right now are that their nails are worn down to the quicks and that is probably from swimming and struggling trying to get out," said Aleisha Swartz, Lead Veterinarian at the Hawaiian Humane Society in Honolulu.

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